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Mahosha is a Russian poetess, novelist and artist illustrating her literary works by drawings, GIFs and full-size pictures in an acrylic technique.

“Having written the poem or novel, I usually can’t stop. Some images appear in my head and demand to be painted. Sometimes the way from a text to a picture takes several years. The image is infused in me like wine and, while it is incomplete, it acts up and tortures me until full completion, and only afterwards I am allowed to embody it into a picture or an illustration. Still, some images can’t get enough of it and they want to come to life, to start moving, so I have to obey and follow them like a slave, without having any rest or sleep.”

Some images, having turned into pictures, separate from the poem and keep on living as independent works.

Education: Mahosha studied architectural drawing at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. Now she is studying painting at Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute. 




 Pulse of Life

The static illustration was created for the adult fairy-tale “Enchantress and Volcano” and came to life in a difficult 2020, when the pulse of Earth life became quicker, and since then it has been living independently. 


GIF "Pulse of Life" reflects the triune of a human being: their body and soul are intertwined in an endless conflict. Both the body full of instincts, struggling for survival, and the soul made of exalted aspirations, make the human being “burn” in their clash, and the pulse rhythm accompanies this burning. But they both do belong to the ground and are related to it. Though remaining immobile, the ground feeds and supports the body as long as the heart beats. 



The illustration to the poem «Don't Want To» went on leading its independent life as a GIF named «What is your choice?»

Little people have the right to choose their role in this life: spectators, upstarts, members of the jury, wise men or divers who have no fear of this world packed in the scopes of a smartphone.   


Don’t want to go where I am hit too hard,

But Mommy used to say, “You must go there.”

World order will I never disregard,

Before the bats I’m standing calm, though scared.


Don’t want to go where people tell white lies

To justify the souls sold to the devil

Amusingly, they do want all their lives

To be the same, but of a higher level.


Don’t want to go where children learn so fast

To fight without rules, backstab their friends, whatever.

Who’s bound to improve them after, let me ask,

Or raising villains from the cradle’s better?


Don’t want to dive in whirlpool of fake fame,

And endless contests with mean jury,

Though ruining of my privacy is tabloids’ aim,

I won’t give them a chance, for sure.


Don’t want to lead the life that’s full of dirt,

Among despicable, disgusting crowd,

Don’t want to brag and being more than proud,

Gulp tons of pies with taste of classy turd.

 Mahosha 20






Smileys» The illustration to the poem «Smileys» that came alive.

One of the most popular Mahosha’s poems that was written and painted with a smile on her face.


Smileys, all this is just smileys, you know.

Appropriate face that I wear.

Around the world I am ready to go

To laugh, and to cry, and some load to bear.


And all the way with you, smug, angry, and kind,

I joke, I regret, I show fury.

I’m playing my role and I keep it in mind

That everyday life is my jury.


It must be like this and it will be like this.

And your point of view is so tiny.

Somebody above must enjoy human bliss

While playing a game of these smileys.


Mahosha 2017



Material: Canvas

 unborn baby

The picture illustrating a sad poem “A Letter From Son” became an independent piece of art embodying the wonder of genesis. A composite circular frame shows safety and physicality. The unborn baby is a helpless innocent angel who folded his hands together and is praying for protection in front of Virgin Mary’s image, who is known to be the Patroness of all mothers.

This is the poem led to this picture:

A Letter From Son

Hello, my darling! Writing now to you

From far away. I miss you more than ever.

Remember me? I hope, but have no clue.

Perhaps you will be glad to see me too?

Do you recall the child you didn’t want to bear?


You kept me warm, and when I heard your voice,

Through shroud of mist I would believe so strongly,

That in this world I’m bound to rejoice,

That being son of yours is my best choice,

Impossible to estimate it wrongly!


Oh, Mommy, look, I could have done so much!

And like Grandfather, I was brave and gifted.

I wish I could have felt your every touch,

But the curette became my only toy and crutch,

By means of which to Heaven I was lifted.


I was not born. You’ve both decided so,

As if you had the power to erase me.

Career, money, house – you need them more, I know.

Clairvoyant said she saw a bad sign though.

Endure some ache and life will be amazing.


This choice was unmistakable and clear,

So quickly was the bond between us torn.

Why did I fail to look at you, my dear?

Forgive me if I’ve hurt you. Have no fear.


Sincerely yours,



P.S. Unborn.


Mahosha 2016


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